AA District 10 COVID-19 Meeting Arrangements

It is during these difficult and uncertain times that District 10 understands the importance of continuing to gather and carry on with our tradition of meeting. As alcoholics, meeting together, and helping each other stay sober for one more day is crucial to our recovery. We have set up several options so that we may still be able to reach out to each other and discuss our problems with Alcohol. Below you will find some information that we hope is instrumental to your sobriety.

Below are listed Zoom Meeting information and Conference Call meeting information. Please make note that all sessions are chaired and ran on a volunteer basis. Each meeting may have its own AA related topic of discussion, and it’s own format, although we all work to uniform the AA meeting experience. May sobriety and recovery come first.

Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings are available and have been set up by members of District 10. Individuals who have offered their hand in service to those who have a desire to stop drinking. We thank you.

  • Zoom Meetings are considered “closed”. “Closed” meetings are for anyone who has the desire to stop drinking.
  • Log on information can be found by clicking on the “Virtual Schedule” link below.
  • The Google Document resembling an MS excel sheet contains information on how to log on, times, and availability.
Conference Call

Click on the link titled “Virtual Schedule” below to view scheduled and available meeting times. The spreadsheet works similarly to what a whiteboard meeting’s schedule on a wall would look like in your home group. Any person who has the desire to chair a meeting and has 90 days of continuous sobriety can sign up to do so. This schedule and meetings are for all of District 10, Rio Grande City to Weslaco or anyone in need of an AA meeting.

  • Schedule is located in Google Document List below(“Virtual Schedule”).
  • Call (956)275-4006, from any landline or mobile phone. (Please make use of your mute button).

Basic Rules
  • Sign up for a time slot by clicking on the link title “Virtual Schedule” below and writing your name into a time slot.
  • Call in to the conference line at your appointed time (‘956’275-4006).
  • Those attending/joining the conference, should make use of a mute button to avoid any background noise.
  • No Cross-Talk unless else designated in the “Virtual Schedule” calendar box.
  • Zoom meetings can be joined by desktop/laptop with the Zoom app or through an internet browser, or by calling the number listed in the virtual schedule and entering the meeting code (also listed in the Virtual Schedule link).
  • This is a public AA meeting in a conference setting or by Zoom, be mindful of attire (Web-Cam) and your “professionalism”.
  • Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

Virtual Schedule

“If a mere code of morals or a better philosophy of life were sufficient to overcome alcoholism, many of us would have recovered long ago.”

Alcoholics Anonymous, Big Book, pg. 44